KIDS COUNT Ambassadors

An Ambassador is a person who acts as a representative or promoter of a specified activity. In order for WV KIDS COUNT to have a meaningful statewide presence, local champions of children who believe in WV KIDS COUNT’s mission are critical to our success.

KIDS COUNT Ambassadors do the following:

  • Share Data
    • Participate in the release of National and State KIDS COUNT Data Books
    • Host an informational session on where the data comes from and how to use it to
      help kids
  • Build Partnerships
    • Distribute WV KIDS COUNT Issue Briefs
    • Serve as liaison to local media
  • Communicate Hope (Choose one event)
    • Host a Role Modeling Party
      •  Target audience: Areas of the state with high minority populations
      • The Role Modeling Party is an event where children and
        families connect with community leaders representing various professions
        (dressed in their business attire) to inspire the attitude, “I can be and do
    • Get local businesses or organizations involved by having them
      donate dress socks, notepads, neck ties, scarves, etc.
    • Host a Grandparents Bedtime Routine Pajama Party
      • The Bedtime Routine Pajama Party is an intergenerational event where
        children, specifically those in kinship or foster care, and their caregivers
        learn the importance of having a bedtime routine by participating in
        activities that are connected to healthy habits.
      • Partner with local companies/organizations to provide educational

        • Bedtime snack (nutrition)
          • Sample a tasty treat that is also good for you
        • Brushing teeth (oral health)
          • Learn proper technique and receive toothbrush and paste
        • Handwashing/bathing (hygiene)
          • Learn about the prevalence of germs – using glitter – and
            ways to get rid of them
      • Bedtime story (literacy)
      • Hear a story and be gifted with a book from Dolly Parton’s
        Imagination Library